Register today for Austin Texas Concealed Handgun License training, chl certification, by an NRA certified instructor 

Texas CHL provides a comprehensive training program covering the requirements and restrictions of Concealed Handgun License along with thorough review of Concealed handgun laws, firearm safety, self defense and alternatives to using force.

Texas CHL Rates & Registration

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You may complete our online Registration Form to register for an upcoming class. Registration form and payment must be received prior to the requested class date to ensure seating. Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Training (CHL-100) which is required by the DPS to file an application for a Concealed Handgun License.

You may complete the online state application process prior to or after attending the class.

Active and retired military, fire fighters, police and immediate family members may qualify to attend at a reduced price. Contact for details.

First time applicants: $99

Initial 4 to 6 hr class includes:

Law Enforcement/Military/EMS: $55

Initial 4 to 6 hr class includes:

What You Will Need to Bring:

Student Notebook (Print Here)


  1. Your handgun of at least .32 caliber (9mm and .380 are acceptable). DO NOT BRING YOUR FIREARM INTO CLASS. Leave it secured in your vehicle out of sight until we arrive at the range. All weapons and magazines should be UNLOADED before approaching the range area. An accidental discharge while loading, unloading or handling your weapon may be grounds for not receiving proficiency certification.
    • All handguns should be in good repair and have no modifications that would make the weapon less safe. (please make sure your weapon is working properly and will operate without malfunction PRIOR to the class)
    • Make sure you are familiar with your handgun.
    • Make sure you zero your handgun as there is no time allotted in class for this.
  2. Ammunition - a minimum of 50 rounds (SAAMI* Specification) is required.
    • Blount, Inc., C.C.I.
    • Hornady Mfg. Co.
    • Federal Cartridge Co.
    • Olin/Winchester
    • Remington Arms Co.
    • PMC
    • Fiocchi of America, Inc.
    • Accurate/Ultra Max
    • 4W Ammunition
    • Black Hills
  3. Eye protection (prescription glasses with plastic lenses are acceptable).
  4. Ear protection (full over-ear type recommended).
  5. Head cover - cap or hat that will cover the head and the area toward the face (such as a baseball cap).
  6. Closed toed shoes and socks (absolutely no sandals)

**Passport photos can be obtained at any location such as Walgreens, WalMart, FedEx Kinkos, etc.

*Sporting Arms Ammunition Manufacturing Institute